The Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation (PHRF)
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Dutch Pitt Hopkins Syndroom website
Three families in the Netherlands created the Stichting Pitt Hopkins Syndroom in 2008 and a have a website:


Swiss website for Switzerland, Germany and Austria
A family in Switzerland has created a Pitt Hopkins syndrome website. Here is the site in German:


Contact a Family
Contact a Family has a section in their A to Z of conditions about Pitt Hopkins Syndrome . Here is the site:


Please check out the RareConnect site at where there will be a Section up for Pitt Hopkins Syndrome soon.
RareConnect Connecting Rare Disease Patients Globally.
Here is the site:


Italian website
Associazione Italiana Sindrome di Pitt-Hopkins Insieme di piĆ¹ – ONLUS


Pitt Hopkins Info
A place to find out about other families with Pitt Hopkins Syndrome around the world.
Pitt Hopkins Info