Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome Awareness Day

Every year since 2013 on the 18th September families and friends around the world have joined together to raise awareness of Pitt-Hopkins syndrome.

Awareness Day slideshows have been made for many of those years but as numbers grew it has not been possible to make one slideshow with everyone and so for the last few years Pitt Hopkins UK has been making a slideshow of children and adults in the UK and Ireland.

It is said that once a geneticist has diagnosed one child with Pitt-Hopkins syndrome it is much easier for them to diagnose another child. We hope seeing photos of our beautiful children will help other children and adults to be diagnosed. It has not been unheard of that a family have seen a photo of a child with Pitt-Hopkins syndrome online and realised that this is their child’s diagnosis and had it confirmed by their geneticist!

The slideshow below is a great way to celebrate our special day together and to raise awareness of Pitt-Hopkins syndrome!